How to clear UserDefaults and Realm for Mac Catalyst

How to clear data for Catalyst application including AppGroup, Realm and UserDefaults.

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To reset a macOS Catalyst application, you need to know these values:

  1. User folder ivanvorobei
  2. Application Bundle io.ivanvorobei.apps.debts
  3. AppGroup

Be careful, use the values from your application.

Clear UserDefaults

To remove the default UserDefaults, open a terminal and type the command:

// Delete <mark>UserDefaults</mark> entirely 
defaults delete io.ivanvorobei.apps.debts

// Remove from <mark>UserDefaults</mark> by key 
defaults delete io.ivanvorobei.apps.debts key

If you used a custom domain, call the command:

// Created like this: 
UserDefaults(suiteName: "Custom")

// Deleted like this:
defaults delete Custom


If you use an AppGroup, delete these folders:

/Users/ivanvorobei/Library/Group Containers/
/Users/ivanvorobei/Library/Application Scripts/

If stored in the default path, delete that folder:


Realm database

The Realm database files are stored as normal files. They are either in the AppGroup or in the default folder. If you follow the steps above, the database is deleted.

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