Alternative icons for Product Page Optimization tests

How to add alternative icons for A/B tests on the app page in the App Store.

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With Product Page Optimization you can create variants of screenshots, promo texts, and icons. Screenshots and text are added to App Store Connect, and icons are added by the developer to the Xcode project.

The documentation says: «Put the icons in Asset Catalog, send the binary to App Store Connect and use the SDK». But they didn't say how to put the icons and what kind of SDK it is. Let's figure it out.

Adding icons to Assets

Make the alternative icon in multiple resolutions, just like the main icon. The name of the icon pack will be visible in App Store Connect.

 Adding icons to Assets
Adding icons to Assets

Setting up targeting

We need Xcode 13 or higher. Select the application target and go to the Build Settings tab. In the search for App Icon - you will see the section Asset Catalog Compiler.

 Parameters in the project target
Parameters in the project target

We are interested in three parameters:

  1. Alternate App Icons Sets - list the names of the icons you have added to the catalog.
  2. Include All App Icon Assets - set to true to include alternative icons in the assembly.
  3. Primary App Icon Set Name - default icon name. Most likely, the alternate icon can be made the primary icon. Did not check.


It remains to assemble the application and send it in for review.

Alternative icons will be available after the review

After the review, you can assemble different pages of the app and create links for A/B tests.

We try to translate the tutorial well, but we aren't native. We appreciate if you can submit a Pull Request with fixes